Simon Yu

About Yuhong's New Website

Since Ms. Yuhong Sun's website was made few years ago with old designs, I decided to help her improve the website's general design and layout. I convinced Ms. Sun into allowing me to redesign her website by showing her two important elements of designing a website, continuous colors, and uniform structures. I communicate with her very often while improving this website. For example, if I have to make some major changes on the website such as its main color, I would ask her first by sending her text messages or calling her directly. When we have some different opinion on the changes of the design, I would first explain the reason that I choose this design. And then I would tell her the advantage and benefit of using this design. The major difference between making a website for myself and doing it for someone else is that I need to ask them for permission regarding to the changes than I would like to make or the designs that I would like to apply on their website.

A well organized website allows user not only to browse the contents of the site clearly and easily but also to have satisfying impressions about the site. The project helps me develop my skills of problem solving while I am trying to figure out some problems when making the website. The important factors that I always keep in mind while doing this project are a uniform body structure and a color palette that are applied to everywhere on the website. Font style and size are also very important while making the website since they determine whether visitor can have good feelings when reading through the contents. For example, I chose to use Helvetica on the website I designed since it's very simple, elegant and very suitable for websites. However, there isn't a standard font size in the website since difference size may be applied in order to fit the contents into different spaces of the website.

The contents of the website include educational information and materials as well as some personal introduction about Ms. Sun herself. In order to attract the visitors, I choose to use not only texts and buttons, but also some pictures and icons to illustrate these contents, making them more interesting and easier to understand. Talking about the layout of the website, I divided the website into 3 major sections, banner, main body and sidebar. Banner enable users to travel easily among different web pages. Main body contains most of the information and data on the website. And sidebar is able to display some brief introduction about each web page or some other instructions and information. About the background color of the website, I decided to use the main color of the banner image as the background color of the whole site. When doing so, the banner image seems to be integrated into the background seamlessly, representing a harmonious view.

In the website, I do use some animation such as some slideshows. It not only allows Ms. Sun to share her visitors some latest pictures taken by her, but also gives viewers some great impressions. I also designed some special features for the website. For instance, I put two icons on the bottom of each web page, one of which is a house. When the house icon is clicked, visitors are going to be redirected to the home page of the website. The other icon is a mail envelope. When it's clicked, an email window will pop up with Ms. Sun's email address filled in the receiver's address. This project helps me to accumulate the skills and experiences for the designing and engineering of my future websites and the biggest challenge I faced when completing this project was to determine that main color palette and the design of the main structure. And the part that I want to spend time improving on my website in the future is the main color of the website.

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