Application for Host Family

Student Information

Multiple Choice

1. What would you consider to be the most enjoyable way to spend your time on a Friday evening?

2. If your host family have pets, which animal or animals would you prefer?

3. What would be the most fun thing for you to do on a Saturday afternoon?

4. If your host parents asked you to help around the house, which one of these chores would you prefer?

5. On a weekend morning, what would you rather do?

6. If you lived a half mile or 0.8 kilometers from school, how would you prefer to travel to and from school during nice weather?

7. If you were at a party with host family, friends and strangers, what would you enjoy doing the most at this event?

8. If you were sad about something, who would you confide in first?

9. Which of these activities have you experienced before? Check all that apply.

10. Which of these activities would you want to try for the first time? Check all that apply.

Short Questions

1. Have you ever lived with a host family? Where and for how long?

2. Are you and your parents open to a Host Family of any race, religion or ethnic background? If not, please explain.

3. Would you be willing to live with another exchange Student in the same host family, but in separate rooms? If not, please explain.

4. Have you ever lived with a host family? Where and for how long?

5. What are your favorite activities?

6. Would you be willing to live with a family that has cats and/or dogs?

7. Would you be willing to help your Host Parents with household chores?

8. Do you have any allergies? Please explain.

9. Are you taking any prescription medications? Please explain.

10. Do you have a health condition that your Homestay Parents should know about? Please explain.

11. List four words to describe yourself.


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