Simon Yu

About My Website

The design of my website was inspired by the older Apple website which had some very nice and clean designs such as uniform structures and consistent color palette. This website project also helps me to learn how to keep things in order, as well as how to take care of details when doing so. However, there are still many parts in the project that needs to be improved. For example, a better designed banner and a more uniform body structure are demanded. The biggest challenge I faced when completing this project was to determine that main color palette and the design of the main structure. The things I want to do in this project is to design and build a more beautiful and versatile album page. And this project helps me to accumulate the skills and experiences for the designing and engineering of my future websites. For me, the most interesting part of the project is the designing since it help me to establish my aesthetical thinking and creativity. The project is also helping me to develop my skills of problem solving while I am trying to figure out some problems when making the website. And the part that I want to spend time improving on my website in the future is the main body structure.

A well organized website allows user not only to browse the contents of the site clearly and easily but also to have satisfying impressions about the site. The main page of a website should be the first page that the user see when getting access to the website. And the main page should also be able to navigate the user to the other pages on the website. For example, I put a beautiful and well designed navigation bar on the main page of my website, navigating the user to the other pages of my site. In addition, I uploaded a brief introduction paragraph of myself on the main page, allowing users to learn more from me. In order to make a well designed and organized main page, I divided the page into 6 different parts, including the banner, header, navigation bar, mainbody, sidebar, and the footer. The purpose why the navigation bar should appear on every pages of the website is to enable users to jump between pages right from the page they are looking at.

My strategy of maintaining consistent look and feel of my website is to create a uniform body structure and color palette that are applied to everywhere on the website. For example, the positions and the styles of the navigation bar, banner, or the footer of every page on my website stay continuous and identical, creating continuous and consistent look and feel. It's not a nice design for users to take more than three clicks to get from one pages to any other pages on the website because users would easily get lost within the website in that way. Now I am pretty happy about my website's design because it's just simple and elegant, giving people feels of harmony and continuity when browsing the site. I also included some images on the website such as my personal logo, some citation pictures, and, of course, an entire album. Finally, when looking at the website in general, I can tell that the theme of the website is soft, warm and friendly, making people feel very satisfying and fulfilling when scrolling through.